Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lusting for Mac Look in a Box collection

I may be a little late, these kits have been available for some weeks now but on my defence, I've only just recovered from my fractured foot so I'm still catching up on things.

There are 4 makeup kits available : Sweet Miss, Natural Flair, Slurty Diva and Sun Siren. Each kit consists of one lipstick, one lipgloss, one blusher, two eyeshadows, a blush brush and depending on the kit either an eyeliner or lip pencil. All these for an unbelievable value of MYR 298. Yup you get to have all that for a steal. 

I went to the Mac at Queensbay earlier but the SA told me that it has been sold out within a week! Luckily though, these are still available online and I manage to grab the sun siren kit. A review once it gets into my hands, if you want one for yourselves, better act quick before they're out of stock online too.


  1. Are these only available in Malay? Cause I can't find it anywhere >.< not on Nordstrom nor MAC official site:( I was only told of the Look in a box brush sets.

    K ❥

  2. Can I post these pics to my IG ? Thank you