Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Heavy Duty Makeup Removal Kit

Have you ever put on so much makeup that it took at least half an hour to get it off? Of perhaps you've gone overboard with the glitter eyeshadow and now you look like a panda who partied too hard. I certainly feel that way everytime I get my makeup done by a makeup artists. Sure I look amazing the makeup lasts a whopping 16 hours at a time but I can almost feel my pores clogging up everytime this happens. 

To ensure that I've cleaned my face properly, this is usually my routine no matter how late into the night it is: 

Makeup removal- usually takes a few times to get all the makeup out by I love Laneige's makeup remover, it's gentle to my skin and yet it removes most of the makeup. 

Cleanse- I usually oil cleanse my face whenever I have too much makeup on. I feel that it removes whatever the makeup remover couldn't. Shu Eumura makes the best. 

Deep Cleansing- I'm a bit Obsessed when it comes to clearing clogged pores. That's when Glamglow's "supermud" is applied on my face for at least 10 minutes. 

Recover- my pores should be squeaky clean by down, I usually apply Sulwhasoo 's "Overnight Vitalizing Mask" to my face afterwards as a final step. 

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