Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The best of 2015

Here we are, a couple of days away from 2016 and I thought it'll be the perfect time to reflect back on some of the most defining moments of 2015: 

One of my best friends got married this year and I was lucky enough to be bridesmaid for the day and to witness the beautiful occasion. 

Went to my first ever Oktoberfest and it's not at a bar or a pub or club. Nope fully authentic German Oktoberfest in a tent with authentic German food, German band and met amazing people. 

This memory is a kind of really sad- I lost my beloved Labrador Lucky on Easter. He's been sick for some time prior but it doesn't make it any easier and I still miss him a lot. 

Glitters n Love went through a little rebranding as a beauty blog. 

This was a year of friendships- rekindled old friendships, made new friends, and of course having fun. 

It has also taught me to always cherish and be kind to those around you because they won't be there forever. 

And not forgetting my favourite beauty buys of 2015: Naked Smokey palette and Nails Inc x Victoria Beckham nail polish. 

See you guys in 2016, enjoy your holidays, x. 

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