Thursday, 3 March 2016

Althea Korea Haul and Review

Althea has been around since last July, I've heard of it then but I've never bought anything from them until recently- fractured foot equals to having to find my stuff online as usually I'm the type that prefers going to malls. I bought all the items above for less than MYR 300! And it arrived within a week, that's pretty fast considering they ship directly from Korea.
This is what the box looks like, they've got limited edition CNY and Valentine's Day boxes but since I ordered mine two weeks after both events, I got the standard pink box. It's pretty sturdy too.
The inside of the box contains some general information. Now let's see what I bought.
Restocking on my skincare- Laneige Waterbank gel cream and Waterbank Essence, and also Waterbank Double Gel soothing mask (these masks are part of the one day one pack promo- I bought 2 packs).
Innisfree masks! 6 it's real squeeze masks and two capsule masks. I've heard of Innisfree and all the hype surrounding it but there's no outlet in Penang. I got so excited that I can finally purchase them, can't wait to try it out.
Koelf Gold Royal Jelly hydro gel mask pack- I've never tried this brand before but its tagline is "the mask of elves"- if it makes my skin look like those in the Lord of The Rings I'm totally in.
Etude House masks- usually when they have a buy 1 free 1 promo in their stored, this is what I'd stock up on, so it's another familiar product. 

Waterbank Essence - MYR 124 instead of the usual MYR 165
Waterbank Gel Cream - MYR 104 instead of MYR 139 in stores 
1 Day 1 Pack (7 pcs in a pack) - MYR 36 (actual value is definitely more that that I.e one innisfree its real squeeze mask is already almost MYR 10) 
And they provide free shipping for orders above MYR 150 and for first timers there's MYR 15 off your order. 

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  1. Hi did you get taxed by customs?
    Lately there has been alot of complaints by buyers that their cosmetics products get taxed or confiscated by customs.