Thursday, 10 March 2016

Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 and 3

I finally got my hands on these palettes. Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 and 3 which are well known for being dupes for Urban Decay's Naked 1 and 3.

Sometime in early 2015, there was actually an official online store for Makeup Revolution in Malaysia. Fast forward a year later and the website is down for "maintenance" and their last post on Instagram (in December 2015) was that we can contact an official reseller to purchase the products. I still do not know what happened to
I tried doing a Google search on what happened but nothing came up. 

I bought these palettes from a seller on Carousell, there are tons of people selling these products (some are preorder) online so do your research, compare prices and pick an option which suits you best. 
The shades in the Iconic 1 eyeshadow, not as highly pigmented and smooth as UD's but it's pretty pigmented and blendable.

The shades in Iconic 3, love all the pink tones in the palette. I don't own a Naked 3 palette so I can't say for sure but most reviews swear that it's the dupe for it.

Overall it's a good bargain, most sellers are selling between the MYR 30 to MYR 50 price range for each palette. Still more affordable than the Naked palettes. I remember when I bought my first Naked palette in Sephora, it only cost me MYR 180? Last year when I bough the Naked Smokey, the price was MYR 199 and if I am not mistaken, the prices have gone up to MYR 212. 

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