Monday, 16 November 2015

Product Empties

Finishing an entire bottle or tub of a beauty product is an accomplishment for me. It's very rare that I use a product until its very last drop, I blame it on my shopahollic tendancies and buying a bunch of products that I'm never going to use or use once and then forget about it until its too late. So when I've collected four empty bottles (even though two are deluxe sample sizes), I felt so proud that I had to post it up. 

1. Glamglow Supermud. I love this product, even though it's a bit pricey (it retails for MYR 259), I feel like it's worth it. I usually use this when my face feels especially oily or after a full day of wearing layers after layers of makeup and I feel like my face needs a deep cleansing to get rid of all the impurities, I will put this on. One bottle is suppose to last about 17 full face applications which makes it appoximately MYR 15 per use which doesn't seem so bad. 

2. Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter. This product is supposed to be applied on damp skin but I find that i still can't get enough coverage of it. I bought this in 2013 and I've only just finish using it a week ago because I initially wasn't crazy about this product but I found out that if I leave it in a warm place, near the sunlight, it melts into a lotion-ish form and it goes on flawlessly on my skin. i know we're not supposed to leave products under the sun, but I loved the effect so much that I've been leaving it next to my window before use. 

3. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. After trying on the sample, I would definitely buy this again. It's suppose to help you sleep but really I just love this product for the sheer fact that on days where I'm lazy to apply any other kind of mask or am short of time, I just slap on a thick layer of this and let it dry naturally. It dries on without leaving a sticky feeling which i s another plus.

4. Laniege Clear C Advanced Effector. This is supposed to be use before the toner (the application method is the same as applying toner), and it's supposed to give you clearer and brighter skin. I'm on the fence on whether I would repurchase this or not. I love the smell and the texture of the product (it smells like berries and it leaves my skin feeling really fresh) but do I really need another step to my skincare routine? Especially one where the difference would not be missed, I don't see any apparent changes on my skin.

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